I am getting somewhere! The toys for downstairs, when my friends with little ones come to visit, have a basket. My knitting has a basket. My ironing things have a basket (now this may sound like I've gone too far but it's so easy now to just grab the iron and the basket instead of making three trips to my tiny laundry. Crazy? You might think so, but my goodness is it tidy and efficient!).

The fantastic baskets come from Ikea. They have millions of the things which means I've slightly compromised my 'not being common' thing but for the sake of unity, the ease of being able to go back ten times and buy more if I need them (and believe me, I am finding more and more things to use them for) and the comforting thought that, as the label says, "each one is uniquely handmade", I can live with it.

I bought one large one for the toys, 4 medium ones (paints, sticky things, knitting and cables) and 3 small ones for the laundry (ironing, laundry bags and enjo's).

Orderliness and peace are creepin' in already!


  1. Yes, I'm likin' the baskets, cute cuddly animals you're breeding Rach! xo

  2. sorry, just read your comment on my blog. Yes we do have a baby coming, only 23 more weeks to go (not that I'm counting, ha ha) and we are Excited!! I will pass your message on to Fiona, they are coming up this weekend for Karen's birthday xo


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