after the fact

Some days a girl wakes up and just can't pull it together. The hair - not working. The outfit - who bought those clothes? The make up - pardon?!? The attitude - back off!

Friday last week was that day for me (I have had others but let's not dwell on that). I managed to do 3 loads of washing in the morning before dragging myself out the door to do the grocery shopping - a barely tolerable chore at the best of times for me.

So there I was, in all my splendor, standing next to the baked beans and tinned spagetti trying to make a decision I can no longer remember becasue I didn't actually purchase anything from that isle at all. All this time, moving ever more stealthily towards me was a cheery smart looking lady, who had obviously dressed and painted herself specifically to make me look like little more than an unfortunate homebody. Oh, and she had her camerman with her so all the world could see just what kind of a crummy day I was having.

Did she see I was not in the mood for her questions? Maybe, but I suppose she also saw I didn't have the wits about me to evade her. Bugger.

Anyway, if you did happen to be one of the few, now black-listed, people who saw me on channel 10 news last Friday night I want you to know this: I ended up speaking with this woman for about ten minutes on the topic and gave her some information about it she hadn't previously heard.

However the one thing they did show me saying was a very profound, and probably very indicitive of my state of mind, "Goodness. Really?"

Such gems of wisdom I have to offer the world around me. I really must on this one - I am so very empty handed!

(By the way - my day vastly improved with an expensive shopping spree - the spoils of which can be seen later!)

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  1. nothing like a good shopping spree to lift one's mood I always say!! can't wait to see the results of yours Rach, love, Lyn xo


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