The Spoils

And now I have boots. Of the lovely, soft (not-to-be-discussed kind of expensive) leather kind. Can you even believe how pretty they are?!

Well, I love them. And they have worked the kind of magic than only a new pair of shoes or a haircut/colour can do!


  1. very nice Rach, I hope they make you feel good every time you wear them! love, Lyn xo

  2. They are some kick ass boots Rach!

  3. rachy,

    Soooo, I noticed i have been knocked off your "friends list" and assume it is because I never use blogs anymore and not because I am no longer your lovely sister. Your boots are GREAT! One of my friends at work has some that are similar - Oh so nice. Wel thinking of you and hope that your injuries aren't too painful.
    Love you lots!


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