A little help

One of the fabulous teachers that I work with felt a call to draw our community into immediate action over the terrible state of things in China and Burma. She has an amazing passion for others and equally amazing gifts at pulling together events. Combining these things she is putting on a special concert, begining with an information time and message by the school chaplain and ending with a whole lot of live rockin' music.

As you can see she asked me to 'mock up a poster to help promote the idea'. As one who firmly believes in striving excellence in all things and who loves any excuse to do design work at school - I spent a few hours playing til I got it just right.

Of course - the feature acts I've listed aren't really coming! But I keep myself amused!

Please pray for the people in China and Burma. Pray that the Burmese governemt will have some humane decency and regonise their peoples need and the generosity of other nations. Pray that they have the humilty and wisdom to allow others to help them. And pray that the Doctors without Borders, the only aid agency currently permitted into Burma are able to work well in providing care in an overwhelming situation.

If you would like to help support the Doctors Without Boarders in a tangilble way you can visit their website here and discover a way to help that suits your means and skills.

On a side point - Abby has asked me to sing with her for the concert. To date there are probably only 3 people at school that know I sing at all. For 4 and half years I have kept myself from any music involvement at school because of burning out from over-involvement at my last school. Now she has asked me and I want to say yes - a little bit. I also want to hide up the back behind my computer pressing the down key on the powerpoint presentation. What should I do?!!

I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. OOOOOOO, pretty poster.

    Peter Andre!! WHAT THE???!!!

    Just calling in to get the link to Neish + Nathan's blog

    Have a great weekend catching up with Jess.

    xo adi

  2. Hey Rach. I'm back from the farm. I am tired, but very happy to have seen all but one of my family. See you tomorrow some time.

    adi xo


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