Struggle in Brief

So far June has been a tough month for me. It's had it's high's - my sister came to stay! But it's been a struggle to see the light some days. I'm working on it. And I've got lots of news to share:
  • One of my best friends had her baby - a tiny little girl - Thea Sara. How beautiful is that?!
  • Joel & I had Vicarage debrief - a wholly positive, encouraging and affirming experience.
  • I reached a weight loss goal - down 12 kgs since december!!
  • I had a tupperware party and got two free containers out of it.
  • I had my first appointment with my new doctor - she's fantastic! Totally encouraging and reassuring. She was super proud of all I'm doing on my own and only had a few things she can get me to do for now (one being a test for diabetes).
  • We went to the Barrossa so Joel could preach (three times!) and we could taste wines.
  • Joel bought be the most lovely bunch of tulips.
Things are ok. I'll be ok.

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  1. Hi Rach, I'm liking all that positive news!! Keep it coming. I'm so glad to hear of your great results with weight loss etc, I thank God that you have found such a caring doctor, love & blessings, Lyn xo


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