After Babel

The good news is this - I don't have diabetes. At the moment. Hooray!

The bad news is this - I have to have all 4 wisdom teeth OUT. The bottom 2 are actually growing horizontally instead of vertically. I don't know how common that is but it was incredibly strange to see the x-rays. My my that will be some fun for September.

That's about the summary of what happened yesterday. And without too much waiting room time either. And a very nice interlude and dear Anna's house.

Today I have been making posters for school to celebrate the international year of languages.

I've done 5 of 20. Hooray for wonderful people who take wonderful photo's and let me use them for free! (please ignore the most obvious mistake!) You can click to see them better. They'll each be printed and block mounted at about A3 size. BIG!


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  2. Hey Rach :) We didn't get to chat at the engagement partay!!! How are you? I can't say I'm a very good blog reader (or updater, as you probably know) but popped by to drop you a note and lo and behold, we have matching TEETH! Haha... Yep, it's definitely weird to see the x-ray (came across mine in the garage a few months ago and sufficiently freaked Jordan out by holding it to the sun) but mine aren't causing me too many troubles (I've only ever had two infections), so they're staying put. Just wanted to reassure you that there are plenty of us out there :D But I am sorry to hear it if they're causing you pain... :(

    Also, I LOVE your graphic design images. Seriously, if you ever wanted to jump ship and move into graphic design you've got a brilliant portfolio to get you started. Urban Myth (the theatre company I worked for) let me loose on some design things and I loved it, there are plenty such jobs available :)

    Anyway, I hope you're well and am also glad to read you don't have diabetes, though I didn't know you were sick (bad blog reader, Ellie)....sorry to hear that also.

    You must fill me in, or jump on Facebook...I'm stupidly addicted to that but somehow crap at typing in blog addresses?

    Lotsa love,


  3. Hey Rach,
    I'm back on the bloggin horse after a one month (32 days) hiatus. Thanks again for helping with the stole designs on Sunday. I had a look at them that night and I like what I see.

    Blessings my friend for the rest of your break.

    adi XO


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