It's done.

I handed in my resignation today. My last day of work will be December the 12th. A friday. A week after Joel is ordained. I had about it last night. I'm not sure how I feel about it it today. I guess I'l have many changing emotions about it over the next few months. Until then I need to try to focus on doing the work that still needs to be done here - at least a bit. 5 years. Nearly over.

In other 'breaking news' (!!!) I smashed a piece of wood in half with my fist today! Oh Yeah! Power to me! It was part of the yar 9 class that I go to every thursday so the 10 girls have some female back up in a class with 20 boys and a male teacher. It's awesome. Especially when I hear them say "Is Rach coming today?" and them bouncing over to sit with me when I get there. Love it. And I'm so glad I broke the wood - I was heaps nervous that the 13/14 year olds would do it and not me - but my repuation is still intact!

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  1. Thats awesome Rach! You and Joel will have to come on a holiday here when you both have nothing to do before you go skipping off to some other part of the country when Joel gets placed.

    Did you beat on your chest like Tarzan after you broke the wood? I certainly hope so.

    Heart your neighbourhood stalker.


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