I'm sure you know this already that being the creative type I get easily addicted to things. But only for a short while. Here's what I'm addicted to on some level at the moment:
  • Jacquelyn Mitchard Novels
  • Etsy - on all levels
  • Looking at baby rooms/furniture websites (I know, not pregnant & not trying. Still - this is my honest addiction list)
  • Converting pictures into vectors (it's a new skill of mine and I'm making sure I perfect it before I forget it)
  • Imaginging where I'll be living next year
  • My hair (it's getting long and I think it's lovely)
  • My new camera and all things photographic
  • Mocha's
  • Mocha's
  • ahhh... Mocha's. I don't care that they're not super healthy. I love them and I order them everywhere and I nicely ask Joel to make them for me because he makes them better than me
  • Writing things in my diary with pretty colours. I used to be a 'black pen only' girl but then I got the 10 pack of these and now it's happy days and rainbows. And having just looked for a picture of them to show you have discovered that they come in 10 more colours than I ever thought - oh - I need me some more pens!! Can't breath. Too excited!!
  • Pens!
  • Squash. Believe it or not, the sport not the vegetable. Was a time and day when I would've found the vegetable more apealing but now completely love smashing that little black ball around the room.
  • Widgets on my mac. Can't get enough of clicking that little button that makes them come up and tell me how cold it it, what time it is, how much weight I haven't lost, how my Aussie dollars look next to the Rupiah, how many days until ordination and if it really is still only Wednesday
  • Snuggling on the couch in my pj's with Joel
That might be all.

Yesterday a lovely man told me I have 'an artistic chic' about me. I think that's a wonderful thing to be told and I'm going to use it as my reason for being so temporarily addicted to things and as quirky as I feel like.

What are you addicted to at the moment? What's your 'chic'?


  1. Stalking Rachel

  2. Baby Caitlin, can't get enough of cuddling her, she is completely adorable!! I'm not biased of course, love, Lyn xo

  3. So cute...and I totally understand the Etsy addiction!


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