Is it completely too nerdy for me to have two computers going at once next to each other for different reasons??

I have cracked open the doorstop (poor old HP Lappy!) to do our tax returns because all previous files are on there.  On Beautiful imac - everything else!

I think it's ok.  But then I would.

Question:  Who is the complimentary anonymous number 2 who commented on my new post?  thanks!


  1. If two is wierd, then me having three can't be good at all...

    p.s. I was the first annonymous comment in your last post, does that count? No? Fine... stalk

  2. I know who you are crazy blue! Nope - doesn't count!

  3. IT WAS ME!!!! Creepy anonymous person that I am!!! .... It was Anna Spilsbury...I have your blog as a separate attachment instead of going through my own blog cos i hate it...and I forgot to add my name! You are a star Rachel Cramer. Good photography. Hope you have had a great day! Love me... anonymous!

  4. P.S. I hope it wasn't a disappointment that a boring person like me and not a designer said that about your work. Anna xx

  5. absolutely not! your praise is highly valued!

    thank you!


  6. I soon plan to join you weird world with two computers, one i shall love, the other will be relegated to the position necessity of mobility.


  7. when are you going to write another blog? I am enjoying reading about your creations xx anna


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