Botanic Gardens : Nikon D60

We have a new toy!  I have delicately rejected watching football as something for us to share and he has repeatedly declined my offer to teach him to knit but now we have something to share.  A very lovely thing indeed!  We have had it about a month now and it has been raining for about the same amount of time so this last monday was one of the first real spins we have given it together.  We were a little frustrated at times not knowing everything that it can do but have decided to just chill out about it and give ourselves a break!  After all, most skills can't be learnt in 15 minutes.

Perhaps one of the best things was that we are both interested in taking different pictures.  Very rarely did we both want to take a shot of the same thing in the same way so we are really able to enjoy each others style and share nicely! (we did wonder how we would cope with this and floated the idea of two camera bodies for about a minute but decided that was silly - we can learn to share like good boys and girls!!)

I am completely loving it.  And I'm completely loving editing my shots with my other new toys.  I have recently had some desk real estate taken over by the 24 inch version of  this and some of the space on that taken up with this!  I have been very spoilt lately!!

What do you think of my shots?


  1. pretty rachel's pretty pictures!


  2. they look like a REAL designer took those guys are so talented! xx

  3. WOW, Rach! These photos are brilliant!!! I think you have some serious talent. Have you thought about going into Graphic Design? Seriously? I know, I know, you love what you do, but it'd be great to be paid to do this! As always, your blog posts are inspiring, beautiful and funny - as a dodgy blogger I aspire to be more like you!

    I especially enjoyed your post about marriage and uplifting it. It's something I need to work more consciously on. I'm sure we all can :) Thanks for the challenge!

    Keep it up :) Love Ellie


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