What to say?

Sometime in the next two weeks I have to write my resignation. I've never had to write a resignation before and I'm not really sure what to say. I've always been on contract positions that come to a natural, peaceful end - this is strange.

I've known for the last three years that this would be my last year. At least I figured that when Joel is assigned a congregation after graduation he'll want me to come with him - he gets a bit lonely without me (not to mention I get pretty mopey when he's not around!). There have certainly been times in the last three years that I was ready to walk out and never come back. But now that the time has come to make it official, put it down on paper and hand it in -I'm feeling some reluctance. Not that my reluctance really matters as I'm not coming back on way or the other but still - I seem to be putting it off.

The other odd thing about it is that I want to hand my resignation in person to the principal - who is new this term and whom I haven't actually even had a conversation with yet! Can you imagine that:

"Hi, You must be the youth worker? How are you?"
"Yep, that's me. I'm good. You must be the new principal. How's that working out for you? Oh, and I Quit."

You see the problem here?

What would you do?


  1. Make the principal some of those chocolate balls... everyone likes bad news if they're stuffing their face with chocolate!

    P.S. This is a subtle hint that I'm still stalking you...

  2. Hi Rach,
    good to hear from you! I am
    heading to Melbourne on Sunday,
    will get new up to date photos
    and post them when I get back.
    Caitlin is 4 weeks old now!!
    love you, Lyn xo


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