Too Tasty

I made these to take to dinner at friends place last night.  They were a hit!  I am so completely proud of them that I couldn't resist sharing their loveliness.  I have to say a big thank you to Emmylu who posted them on Jamie Oliver's forum. These one's are: dark chocolate, Port and Craisin's;  dark chocolate and ginger; and white chocolate, coconut (shredded and cream), lime and lemon.  Try them out!  Too easy, too tasty.

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  1. Ooo Rach they do look delicious. I also see that the Nikon is working just fine.

    It is Tuesday morning and we will spend the day in the city before Deb, Ralph and I fly out, destination Adelaide at 5:30 this afternoon.

    Blessings, adi xo


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