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If you can spare a few hours and can find a cinema that's showing it go and see Femmes de l'ombre, Les (Female Agents).  I went to see it on whim a week ago with two close girlfriends of mine.  We had planned on seeing a band but it turned out they didn't start until 11pm and for a Thursday night we just felt that was a bit much so we found a cinema and picked a movie.  And I am still, over week later, reeling from the impact of it.  What those women did for their country and for each other completely blows my mind and I hope the message of their courage and sacrifice stays with me forever.

If you can spare a bit more time find yourself a copy of  'A Theory of Relativity' by Jacquelyn Mitchard.  No, it's not about physics - why on earth would I, who barely struggled through the subject at school, recommend a book about physics?!  This novel has has given me completely fresh eyes about the way I view family.  I am pretty sure I only put it down to eat dinner (I didn't show the same courtesy for breakfast!).  Be prepared to cry.  Be prepared to not want to put it down until you are done - you will have to know how it ends.

That's what I've been watching and reading lately!

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