Diary of the Trees

Hahndorf:  Nikon D60

An art instillation in Hahndorf.  So ethereal and beautiful.  The instillation was chronicling the story of trees through climate change.  This is only a small view of the whole but you can kind of catch the way it makes you feel.  Might show more pictures later - maybe not!


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  2. Hi.

    the installations are interesting... you may like to see some more on :


    warm wishes


  3. They were actually just installing it when we were up there the other week. stalk. The grass pinicles were all in and they were adding the branches to the top. The amount of tourists that were getting their photo standing next to them was pretty funny...

    Rach did you get your photo taken next to one?

  4. ah...no! got some gorgeous ones of zaylia with the though. no tourist that day - was raining/hailing. i managed to grab the 20 minutes when it wasn't.

  5. (that was me - on Joel's computer!)


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