To the people on the bus:

They are called 'personal music devices' because they are supposed to be personal - meaning you listen to it by yourself.

I can hear the words.  I shouldn't be able to hear the words.  Especially not from three seats away.

You are going to wreck your eardrums.  

Bus time is for quiet.  Turn it down.

And pick some better music.  You're rotting your mind and soul with such trash.  And I would know - I can hear every song.

Please don't make me get angry.  I already get queazy and the two don't make a good combination.

Put your head phones in, turn it right, right down and let me ride the bus in peace.


  1. If you recorded an empty bus driving along, and played that through your own "personal media player", would that solve the situation?


  2. I agree Rach. It is so so annoying. i had a guy at the train station the other day that just played his music through his phone without even bothering with headphones. His music was horrible. I should've said something! Oh and "Stalk"...dumb comment!

  3. Dear Lach, Our family have come down with the "lurgie" but getting better. Mum and I are taking 4 days off, next wk on Mt Tamborine, was to be this week.
    Mum then starts treatment on the 15th so that will be a major life change fo 5 weeks. Hope you are enjoying the longer days and some warmth in your bones. love Dad.


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