Unrelated numbers

This my 160th post on  my blog.

It's 93 whole days until Joel is a Pastor.

I have 36 whole days of work left

I have 2 weeks until my wisdom teeth come out.

And 3 weeks until school holidays.

There are 15 bobby pins holding my hair 'in place' (Joel says he loves the wild look.  I like it and the minimal amount of effort it requires and the way it gets better through the day as bit fall out).

In 12 hours I will be back at work and on my way to preaching about God & mountains to a whole primary school.


  1. that's way too many numbers for me
    Rach! I pray all will go well with
    wisdom teeth removal, are you having them out under anaesthetic?
    love, Lyn xo

  2. Surely am! I'll write all about it when it's done so you can have full gory, drug hazed details!


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