Tears for Marriage

On the way to school this morning (and when I say I mean work) I was listening to a particular radio station and this song came on. I didn't listen for long because it was something about a girl whose husband ran away and she was happy because now she could party - or something like that. It really upset that someone would portray marriage as something to be escaped to have fun so I changed the station.

I flicked over to our local Christian radio station and hear a completely different style of song. By the end of it, ok, the middle, I had tears running down my face. The song was Walking Her Home by Mark Schultz and is about a man who is completely in love with his wife, the first girl he dated.

You must listen to it. I have been moved by it that I keep telling the people I work with about my experience in the car and I cry with every retelling.

This is the love God has for us. This is the love that he wants us to give to our spouses. This is the love that marriages were designed for.

Marriage is sacred & holy & wonderful. Marriage is not a thing to mock in songs as something to escape. We must raise the opinion of marriage by raising our opinions of our spouses. How can I expect to here postive press on marriages if I put my husband down? How can I imagine single people would want to be married if I harp on about how hard it is instead of sharing with them the blessings & joy that marriage brings?

I encourage you to lift your marriage up to the place of worth that God has given it. If you need a reminded about why you married your spouse perhaps you could listen to the song that has inspired me today.


  1. I agree Rach, marriage is wonderful and I have 441/2 years experience, I am so thankful that God showed me my husband to be at a very early age and we have grown together in our faith journey, love, Lyn xo

  2. I always cry when I hear that song too. It is beautiful. That is love.


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