My Armour

When I was in year 8 my music teacher showed us the massive hole in her leg where a melanoma was cut out.  She had pale, freckley skin like mine.  I honestly can't remember her name but I remember the room we were in, the carpet we were sitting on and the way the sun came in the window.  And I remember the hole in her leg.  

Since then I have been burnt to a crisp a number of times.  I have been so burnt I've needed pain killers to lie down.  And every time  I get mad at myself for not remembering the hole in the leg of my music teacher.

Over the past few year as I have become more conscious I have been burnt far less and a sense of achievement and satisfaction that I can indeed take good care of my skin as caused me to be ever more vigilant.

But I hate the feeling of greasy, stinky, sticky sun-cream and every time I put it on I cringe at the unpleasant necessity of it.  So I went on a hunt for the best daily moisturiser with SPF 30+ and the best SPF 30+ sun cream I could find.

This is what I've hit on and am completely loving:

  • non greasy - major points
  • light
  • soft smell of moisturiser - not sun cream!
  • lockable bottle for travelling
  • SPF 30+
  • Reasonable price (approximately $15 AUS)
  • fantastic and totally wearable everyday
  • non greasy
  • non sticky
  • creamy & easy to rub in completely
  • soft, pleasant smell that fades
  • contains
  • moisturiser's and vitamin E
  • SPF 30+
  • Reasonable price (approximately $14 AUS)
  • Tight lid!! (how many times have you got to your destination only to discover that everything in your bag ins 'sun safe'?!!
  • Completely wearable in situations where you don't want to smell like the beach
I am not a creature of discipline.  A product has to be great for me to use it daily and for me to take the time to use it at all.  These are products I love and will be armour all spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Don't get burnt!


  1. I find while I'm stalking, its quite important to wear sunscreen, you never know where you might get led during the day's travels. Thanks for the tip Rach

  2. Her name was Ms. Kate Albury and one day in the middle of the Christmas holidays in grade 10, when my friend and I popped by school with fabulous tans, she showed us the same hole....and yet two years ago I got so burnt I couldn't walk. We're idiotic creatures, huh? No sun in Prague, fortunately...

  3. P.S She was an absolutely awesome teacher (I had her from grade 8-12), but I didn't fully realise it until I left school. I think she'd be glad to know you remembered that lesson, though.
    P.P.S I learnt about the importance of 'not making people ride bikes if they don't know how' in a similar fashion............!!!


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