Two weeks ago today I had all four wisdom teeth out in hospital.  The pain was incredible - in a bad, bad way.

But right now I have been painkiller free for 48 hours! Oh yeah.  Quite the achievement.  Not entirely pain free I might add - just toughing out the last bit.

In other words - I'm nearly all better.  I think the stitches lasted all of 4 days before I swallowed them - didn't see a single one but felt one of them one night and then never again.  The bruise is gone and I don't look puffy.  Although one rude, nameless person did say, after I was feeling particularly good, "you still look quite swollen..."  That has got to rate up there with asking a large, un-pregnant lady when her baby is due.  I think I look fine!  

My chin is still numb though - weird.  Not liking that at all and will be quizzing the surgeon about it in my follow up visit in two weeks.  Will let you know how much permanent damage I gave him permission to inflict by signing the disclaimer.  I am getting strangely used to it though...?!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I made it!

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