Anna's Revamp

Voting for a change of colour scheme hasn't closed yet so i haven't done much about my blog - and wont until the final results are in.  

As a side issue - whoever it is with another suggestions - come one!  let's hear it - I can't take it into consideration if it's not put forward.

Back on track - I haven't done anything about mine but go and check out the lovely Anna's 'new' blog.  She had mentioned she wanted a whole new look so I had a few thoughts and she let me go through with one of them.  My friends are incredibly trusting (or scared!) of me and my ideas.   Anyway - I'm a little proud of myself as her header was drawn using my mouse and I think it's pretty cute.

make sure you introduce yourself to her - if she doesn't already know you and check back often as she's interesting, funny, wise, smart and super creative and will be sure to have some stuff along those lines to share with us all.

Welcome back Anna!


  1. Hi Rach, just letting you know I'm
    putting updated baby photos on my
    blog, hope you're having a great holiday, love, Lyn xo

  2. yes it is so cute,
    looking forward to tomorrow night! xx


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