Mirror, mirror.

People, you know the ones, often tell me I look like my dad.  He's a good looking man so that's sort of ok - except that I'm a 26 year old girl and he's, let's just say for the sake of keeping the peace and because he can never remember anyway and I wouldn't want to upset you dad (!!), older than that by a chunk.  Oh - and a man!

What I've taken to saying is this:  Thanks, but you know I actually think I look a lot like his mother when she was my age.  Mind you, I look like my mum too (genetics- they really do show) but wouldn't you rather look like a woman when she used to be 26 than a man who has never been a woman at 26?!!

In the weeks following grandma's death last year we were sorting through her house and discovered a suitcase full of drawings that she had done while studying and working as a graphic designer - in the 1940's!  Can you even believe they had graphic designers back then?  And she was super good.  Everything had to be drawn and hand painted.  She was meticulous.  All her work was marked higher than 85% (maybe because she threw out the others but I think she was just that good).  I found this one where she had done a study of expressions.  She's drawn herself six different ways.  I can imagine her sitting in front of a mirror with her eyes flicking between it and her paper while her pencil careful etches each line of her own face.

This barely touches the surface of what she could do.  She was one seriously talented lady.  I don't mind inheriting some of her passions and skills.

I certainly inherited some of her looks.

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  1. That is an amazing likeness Rach!!
    How talented your Grandma was, love Lyn xo

  2. I have seen all of those looks at some stage

    adi xo

  3. good studies!! Your Grandma was really talented.
    and it preserved quiet well too:)

  4. OH MY GOSH...these are AMAZING!!!! What a lucky find. And your likeness is very, very impressive.



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