It's just something I have to do

Not much going on at school today. Just running our student leaders through the handover ceremony for this Friday, setting up for chapel, catching up on emails... the usual.

Oh. And I'm going on an excursion with some students this afternoon. It'll be ok. We're going to a factory. I'll let you know if I pick up anything. You can check it out if you want - but be warned - you might not like me for doing this as part of my job.

I just didn't know how to say no when they asked if I could help out. I'm that kind of girl.

Sorry. That you can't come with!

Edit: It was yummy!  You can just about eat the air in there!  Next time you have half an hour to spare in Adelaide do yourself a favour and book yourself in for a free tour.


  1. AHHH so jealous..i thought it might have been a meat works! ha but then i opened a link!
    thanks for the link for the cons bride! very cute

  2. Yummy, how I would love to go there!! Will try to put 4 generation photo on my blog now, it takes sooo long!!! love, Lyn xo


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