Cute Models at Dinner

On Sunday Joel and his class mates met for some class time with Bob, their lecturer, at his beautiful home.  Bob and his wife Rae invited the wives and families to join them for dinner once they had finished their hard work.  And what a dinner!  Such wonderful summer food, such gentle and enjoyable company.  Bob and Rae were wonderful hosts who made each of us feel welcomed and relaxed.

Anna, Mary Ann and I were the only wives who were able to make it but we sure had a lovely time sharing stories, hopes and excitement for the coming days.  Mostly though we were completely distracted by Mary Ann's two gorgeous girls: Theresa and Esther.  Theresa enjoyed the dress ups (especially the glasses!) and empty make up bottles while little Esther was happy dancing to the musical toys, investigating the plastic animals and watching her big sister.  See how much Esther has grown since last time I shared a picture of her!

Could theresa look any more like an old lady in the picture on the right?!

If I ever get seriously into children's photography I will be able to give credit to the wonderful little models I practiced on! 

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