I love this simple desk and think I might try to find one similar for my new art room. You can check out the rest of this interesting house in its House Tour on Apartment Therapy.

There are so, so many lovely things in these peoples homes! I'm enjoying looking through their tours and seeing ways I can make our new house Our House. A desk is a good place to start though - where will I put my imac otherwise?!


  1. Oh...don't you just drool over Apartment Therapy...or is that just me? Lovely desk. Can't wait to see what happens in your art room!

  2. I have also found my favourite thing on Apartment therapy! I'll put it on my blog. xx that desk says rachel all over it.

    P.S. you don't need to cut out pictures from your magazines..just put post-its in them so you know where to find your fav colours and pictures.

  3. Not just you suzanne! Drooling happens here quite regularly too... Maybe should get a waterproof keyboard?


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