Losing it

Had a little mishap today.  Was out shopping for a BBQ, not for us, and was taking a break with a friend on the outdoor lounges so I put my handbag down.  It was quite a long break because apparently you can look at BBQ's for a while (at least he bought one).  By the time we stood up to leave I'd forgotten I had even bought my bag with.  

10 minutes later I remembered.

When I went back it was gone.  You can imagine how my heart stopped.  My phone, wallet, lip balm, and house keys were in there - all the important stuff!  Then I remembered that Joel had sat with us for a few minutes and thought he might have picked it up for me when we left the seats.  He does that sometimes - to help me out.

Only I couldn't see him in the whole store now.  He's pretty tall so he stands out above the BBQ's and he wasn't there and couldn't call him because my phone was in my bag which was missing....

I headed to the front doors to see if he was standing outside waiting for me and as I walked past the front counter I heard "Rachel Cramer!  Is there a Rachel Cramer here?"  

"YESSSS!!! MEEEE!!  I'm her! I'm Rachel!"

A lady had picked it up and handed it in.  Thank you!  A thousand times, thank you.

The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes at the most but reminded me again to try and keep my head screwed on right.  On Tuesday it was my phone.  Today my whole bag and in a less safe place too.  What next???

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  1. Wow, you are so lucky that an honest person handed your bag in!

    Have been looking at your blog, love some of the photos. Feel free to check out mine if you like, it's a work of fiction, but fun anyway.


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