All gone

Our house is now empty.  Our precious, and not so precious, things are on this truck which is on its way to our new house - without us.  We're staying in a friends house for the next 3 nights.

We're exhausted.  Me because, well aside from moving, it was my last day of work today.  Not ready to talk about that yet.  Was good though.

And Joel's wrecked because, well, moving is hard! And he's worked very hard every step of the way.  And, bless him, he's still going.  He's over at our empty house vacuuming, and washing walls and who knows what else.  He is quite the wonderful man!  

Good bye house.  You were wonderful to us!  You witnessed our first three (!!!) years of marriage - so much love and craziness and friendship.  You kept us and our gear safe.  You didn't let us get too hot or too cold.  You made pretty patterns on the walls with light.  We loved you!

Thank you Lord for the blessing of our house.

(and thanks Joel for taking these cool pictures for me while I was at work!  You did a great job!)

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