Happy End of Work to me!

Crumpler limited edition 5 million dollar home - the place my camera now lives!  

I bought it yesterday with money I was given as a thank you from Endeavour.  Oooh... I love it!  The pretty oatmeal colour on the outside.  The stunning red highlights.  And the soft blue on the inside....

So nice and cozy for my precious camera.  

It fits the body with lens attached as well as a spare lens (2 if I hide Adrian's 50mm in there instead of giving it back!).  There's a pocket on the front for my cords and batteries and things and a little mesh pocket inside that one for very special somethings.  And there's a mesh pocket under the main flap where I've tucked a spare card.  There's also some loopy bits on the side that I could hook something to - I'm sure I'll think of something - and a super long adjustable strap if I don't want to use the handle.  It all holds shut with a massive velcro patch and a clip.

Yes - I love it!  Mostly because now I can take my camera places without looking like a complete dork with a massive camera bag!  I feel very spoiled.

What have you bought yourself lately?


  1. my birks...i should really do a post about those and take a picture of them...
    nice bag..i've never ventured into crumpler...because i'm scared that i might spend to much money there! :)

  2. a new diaper bag--I'm wrapping it and putting it under the Christmas tree though--saying it's from my daughters (2years and 5 months)--it's nice because it doesn't look like a diaper bag--just a tote bag, brown with denim and blue patches and it will hold just enough stuff--I'm very pleased with it!

    Sad that a diaper bag makes me happy, eh?!

  3. Ooh! good puchases! I love my birks. Please write about how much you love them.

    My mum is making a bag for me which is an Amy Butler Nappy Bag - no baby - just love the bag. Glad it makes you happy!


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