Christmas Gifts

Oops - I've been a little lost without my own computer - probably a good thing for a while anyway. So I missed saying this...

Happy Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day with your families and friends.

I hope you recieved at least one gift that you really loved

And that the gifts you gave were received with excitement and appreciation.

I hope you took time to be grateful for the gifts you have recieved through the whole year in friends and family, work and play.

I hope you ate just a little bit too much yummy food and felt as full as I did.

But mostly I pray that you were able to experience the joy that our Father gives to us through the gift of his Son - the Baby who was given so graciously to us so that he could take all of our sin to the grave and rise the Conquerer of sin and death so that we might live forever with him.

Praise the Lord for another year of living under the grace anf forgiveness of His Son Jesus Christ!

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