Endeavour Gradutation Service

Last night was the Graduation service. As far as 2 hour services go this was a good one.

I had the exciting job of translating the theme "Changing Seasons" into visuals - flower arrangements, altar dressings and powerpoint - all designed and made by little me.  

It was a huge success.   I'm super proud of myself.  Fairly disappointed that the professional photographer didn't capture my hard work but will get over it.

He did capture my silhouette while waiting to go on stage for the staff song (I'm in the middle).  How great is that!  Underneath that you can see the staff on stage singing the farewell blessing to the graduating students.  You can also get a tiny glimpse of three of the four floral displays and a washed out version of the powerpoint.

Well done Year 12's!  You made it.  You started year 8 at the same time I started wok at EC and graduated the  year I finish so - WE made it!

(I did get a lovely special mention in the principals report as a long serving member!)

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