Not long now

Today marks a few important things - all pointing toward the same outcome:

It's the last Thursday I will ever work at Endeavour College
It's the last week I'll have at EC that I'm able to say "see you at work next week"
It's the last day I have to sit at my desk before I clean it up
It's the last day I'll be here without my intern
It's the last day I'll have time to write on my blog from work (although I might squeeze one in on Tuesday...)

After today I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week. And then?


Five years has flown. And dragged a bit. And nearly killed me at times. But my goodness will I be sad to leave. I'll be sure to let you know what level of blubbering mess I achieve.

In the meantime - I shall continue with my fourth last day...

oh - and on the home front? It's the last thursday night I'll sleep in my house before it gets packed up... Removalist coming in a week today!

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