$$$$ or not

Ugh!  I have just requested a Time Out.  From preparing our 2009 budget.  I think I might stretch my time out for say 12 months?  Maybe?  Maybe not. 

It's so HARD!  We have to factor in weird things like fringe benefits - blah blah blah.

I guess it will be a good thing.  I'm allowed to include getting my hair done and buy clothes so it can't be all bad... 

Do you do a budget?  Do you stick to it?!

(one more sleep until I can use my own computer again!)

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  1. aaack! Having to think in advance of how much you're going to spend on EVERYTHING including your hair and your clothes must be frustrating! I tend not to spend much, but if I were allowed to factor those in, what would I do? Would I be generous and let myself get my hair cut 3 times in a year or only twice? That must be frustrating...at least there's no kids in the picture (yet) to further complicate matters...our budgeting is kinda like this "don't splurge!! No extra cookies this week"--definitely not on an annual budget...they must give you a bit of leeway though--I'm sure you'll be able to work it!!
    How was your sleep last night? Better I hope...God bless..


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