In Brief

We have been in our new house now since Friday last week but we haven't got our internet up and running yet so you'll have to hold onto your horses a little longer for updates.

For now - 
  • Joel has been installed and is now officially the Pastor of the Lavington/Cowra Parish.  It was an exhausting day but so special to see him installed.  I'm incredibly proud of him.
  • I bought some shelves from Ikea for my art gear - thanks to my lovely sister in law for buying and driving it here.
  • I'm collecting quotes to get our kitchen done - so much fun to pick myself a new kitchen!
  • We have a library - in our house.  I need to buy more books...
  • I miss the internet
  • But not more than I miss my friends
  • I am excited about my holiday with Anna this week
  • Please don't ask me what I'm going to do this year - I still don't really know!


  1. I am looking forward to this week too! SO much to catch up on in so little time! XOXOX

  2. Rachel Cramer. You must go to this website and click refresh until you see yourself!


  3. Can't wait until you are back on line and have pretty pictures to look at! I keep checking every few days! Blessings and love ... anna


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