Precious ADSL 2+

Being in our new house for three weeks with no internet has driven my close to tears.  Seriously.  I have been without my own internet connection since the 12th of December.  That is too long.  

But I haven't been without my computer.  Oh no!  I have been editing wedding photo's - and loving it.  A few more to go and then you can have them Adam.  And when I'm done with that Anna's shots are next on the list.  Can't wait for her to see those - and the rest of you of course.  Some time after that will come some Bali shots and stories and even some of our new place.

Oh yes - I'm back, and unemployed so I have plenty of time to make up for my long absence.

Here we go....


  1. Is that what it looks like Rach. Adam got married in shorts! The man got his way.

    Cheers, Adi

  2. He surely did! Just as well it was about 40+ degrees that day. Yuk.

  3. Too bad Adrian, you're still wearing a suit.

    I love you. ;)


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