And then there's..

The kitchen.  The very original one from 1973!  Special huh?!  Fortunately I don't have to find ways to make this look good - that's a mind bender even for me.  The whole thing is going to be pulled out and replaced.  Goodbye floating cabinet - you display my glassware so nicely but I can't see my friends at the table and I keep hitting my head - so , see ya!

And do I get a say in what it's being replaced with?  Oh yeah!  I never thought I would have a say in a kitchen - manse life doesn't usually lend itself to that kind of thing. 

It needs to fairly neutral because it will probably last another 36 but that suits me more than fine.  Cream, Mum!  White!  I love it!

I'm heading towards a stone/concrete look bench with a version of white for doors and panels.  Then there's some gorgeous mocha tones for backsplash tiles as well as classic white.  We could go with square and some feature glass strips.  Or maybe the subway style tiles (Joel likes these in the darker colour - I'm inclined to agree).  And then the tile man showed me these incredibly HUGE tiles (that there on the left in the bottom picture is one massive tile... I know.  BIG!) that are placed vertically and imitate the look of glass without the price tag.

Then there's the flooring.  Apparently we're getting the gorgeous speckled and sparkly gold (?!?!) vinyl replaced.  With more vinyl.  Which could be ok.  But I have no idea.

So?  Assuming Astroturf is not an option - where would you go with the kitchen?

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