Brace Yourselves...

This is the room we call our Library.  It has previously been used as the pastors office but Joel didn't want to work from home so he commandeered a room over in the church, leaving this one free.  The wall shelving is attached and seriously not going anywhere.  The whole room is begging for a coat of paint, a new desk and some artwork... that could be me begging...?!

You can just see our dark brown 2 seater lounge in the bottom left hand corner.  And there is a door leading to outside to the right of the window.  Other than that - it's as is!

I have some ideas.  What would you do here?

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  1. Hmmm, just catching up on all your goings on and I must say I am thankful that manse renovations occurred before we arrived here in NZ and were headed up by a woman with very nice taste... I think its a pity about the shelving being so 'immovable' but I guess it all depends on what you need. I could see it making a very nice guest room, bedhead on wall, foot end toward window. Allows for storage of all goodly books for interests sake and can be a tidy haven for relaxation for you when needed... not sure?! Enjoying looking around your place though!


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