Let me ask you a question:

What colour are eggs?  I'm talking chicken eggs, the ones you buy in a supermarket and eat.  And I'm being general.  I'll rephrase:

Generally, what colour are supermarket chicken eggs?

White? Cream? That's what you'd think, if you didn't think too hard.  And that's what I'd hoped - although I knew they wouldn't all be.  But I'd thought maybe the Organic-Grain Fed-Free Range-Rights Protected-Joy-Peace and Love eggs might be.  Nope.

Brown.  Orange. Tan. Yellowish.  And, most disturbingly, almost Red.  What?!!  Where did all the white eggs go?  Why do kids draw white eggs?  Why do picture books have pictures of white eggs?  Have the coloured eggs committed the ultimate crime and wiped out all the white eggs just because of their colour?  Did anyone know this was coming?!!

The poor little white eggs have been relegated to the speciality deli's and they're still hiding amongst coloured eggs - even in the same carton.  If you ask nicely though the girl will swap out all of the coloured ones and give you a carton of plain old white eggs.  And she'll probably ask you if you know me - because I clearly stood out today as being the oddball egg racist.

You just can't dye a red egg.

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  1. That's very sad! White eggs are very useful. You could probably have some fun with the other coloured ones though if you tried some different techniques- more to egg painting than dyeing or maybe melting a dark wax in cool patterns and leaving it there. Or make an omlette.


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