Curry Pumpkin Soup

Sound good?  Then you might like to try this for dinner or lunch soon:

Curry Pumpkin Soup
This recipe is inspired and adapted from one my godmother gave me 2 years ago.  I couldn't find it anywhere so I made it up.  It worked well!  All measurements are rough and how I like them. I encourage you to be brave and use this as a rough guide!

Half a butternut pumpkin
A medium-large sweet potato 
Small brown onion
Teaspoon or two of red curry paste
About the same of garlic 
And again of Ginger 
2-3 tablespoons of butter
300ish mL chicken/vege stock
1 tin of coconut cream

(told you they were rough!)

1) Dice and cook pumpkin and sweet potato until mashable.  Boil, roast, steam - whatever - just cook.
2) Fry diced onion, garlic, ginger and curry paste in butter.
3) Combine onion mix with pumpkin mix
4) Choose your pulverizing weapon!  I went with my new food processor which meant putting half of the mixture in the processor with half of the stock and whizzing the heck out of it then pouring it into a big saucepan.  Did that twice to use up the mixture.  NOTE: be careful to only add enough stock to keep the mixture soft - you can always add more later if you like your soup thinner.
5) With the pulverized mixture in a big saucepan tip in as much of the coconut cream as you like (I liked it all!) and stir it all up over a low heat.
6) Pour into nice white bowls and enjoy the magically coloured, fantastic tasting soup you made knowing there will never be another one exactly like it again!  All ours is gone as of lunch today...

Dear Dad, Thanks for teaching me to cook with my instincts! It has served me well. xo


  1. OOOOO awesome!!! I wanted a really nice pumpkin soup recipe to try out that i can freeze! Thanks!!! I'll let you know how mine goes when i make it :)

  2. I am cooking this today Rach, because I remembered you blogged this so just double checking the recipie as I cook with my instincts too! I was right on (method slightly different, but all good!): so thanks for sharing this several years ago so I could make it today!


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