Should we?

Never had a dog before but I really want this puppy!!  And I want it to look like this dog when it grows up!  Doesn't he (in the 2nd picture) look just like a Jim Henson puppet?  I can't think which one but... so gorgeous!


  1. i totally approve! sooo cute!

  2. Good to hear! I found out how much they are from this breeder today and well, we'll be getting one form somewhere else! (ssshhh...$1650...that's right!)

  3. Hey Rach,

    SO adorable.

    Mum recently sent an email to the breeder who gave us Daisy and asked if her parents are having anymore litters. Dolly (Daisy's Mum) is getting a little old but apparently will have one more litter and Daisy's daughters are ready to breed this year.

    I am pretty sure that daisy was around $600 and her temperament is lovely. I think the breeder even lives up your way somewhere.

    I want one too!!


  4. The dog on Fraggle Rock--that's who the second pup looks like!

    Very sweet puppy--so adorable! Do they have the poop'n'scoop laws where you live? That's about the only drawback of a puppy...but so wonderful! You should get him and call him Chip, short for Chocolate Chip--'cause that's his colour! So cute!

  5. wait, I just read your comment--don't get a pup from a breeder, rescue one from an animal shelter--a lot cheaper and they need so much love! Now I want to get a puppy but in our neighbourhood and with our lack of lawn, it would be cruel to the pup (also, our cat wouldn't like it much!!)

  6. Definitely Sprocket! I found him last night and was intending on editing this post but you beat me to it - well done Effie!!

    I wanted to get one from a shelter but we're pretty sure we need a poodle x breed for me not to be allergic - don't want to get something then have to take it to a shelter because it makes me itch and sneeze! I know I'm safe with spoodle because Joel's folks have one.

  7. oh! and I love the name Chip! so cute!!

  8. What a cute little baby :) i love him/her already...puppies make the world better i am sure! GET ONE!!


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