Genius from Norway

Have you ever seen the work of Erik Almas?  I am truly in awe!  And not just because that fluffy cow is adorable and wishing it lived in my backyard.  The colours!  The contrast!  The staging!  Oh my.   



  1. No--I have never seen any of his work before--but I LOVE it--I like how the tower of rocks seems to mimic the girl standing in the water...

    Having fun at the new parish with mid-week lenten services?

  2. Hey Rach,
    I haven't seen Erik's stuff before, but i like it. The landscapes are different because he doesn't go for vibrant colours. They are strong colours, but a little subdued. If that makes sense. they also have an element of starkness, a lot of negative space with the sky or a green field. I love the billy cart photos. Yes i want to be a Dad and make one for my boy/s.

    Blessings, adi

  3. I'd like to see more photographs from the "Genius from Lavington"!!!


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