Time and Money Well Spent

Target is having the craziest sale right now so this afternoon I took what was remaining of a gift voucher and had me some fun!  

The Sheets:  You can probably guess that I bought the blue ones.  They have a lovely stripe in them and match the little bit of blue in our current doona cover perfectly.  
-Original price: $140.  I paid: $70.

The Towels:  These are gorgeous egyptian cotton.  So full and fluffy!  They were a tiny bit bigger and much more luxurious than the ones I had intended to get (also, they didn't have any in white in the other style and it had to be white to combat and overwhelm the puce/brown colour tiles in the bathroom!) and only a tad more pricey.  Definitely worth the extra money though.  Each pack has two towels (70cm x 140cm), a hand towel and a flannel.  I bought three packs!  
-Original price: $69.99/pack.  I paid: $68.64 for the lot!!

The Lamp:  Stayed in the store but I wish it had come home with me!  I didn't know what Joel would think of it though so thought I'd play it safe.  

A happy afternoon of spending.  Stay tuned to see what exciting thing I have planned for the towels!  


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  1. ahhh NO i am not on spicks and specks on wednesday...i wrote that too quickly!


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