One of the single most horrible features in our new house is the curtains - in every room.  They are darkly patterned, poorly made, different track styles and gross.  On the other hand, the ladies in the church have generously raised money for roller blinds to be installed in all the bedrooms which provides privacy (our bedroom has an unobstructed view to the well used footpath - 3 meters away) and blocks out light.  The roller blinds mean I can take down the abominable curtains and replace them with something a bit more sedate, light and modern.  

The window in the lounge room are also in desperate need of new curtains but are posing a bit more of a difficulty.  The one window is almost floor to ceiling and about 3 meters wide - fantastic for letting in light during the daytime but, as it has the same view as our bedroom, I'm a bit concerned about the view we are providing in the evening!  With the lights on inside at night and just the lace sheers that are there now anyone can look in - which is a bit weird and a little scary considering some of the people that walk past our house...

This is the kind of look I'd like.  In our bedroom it's totally achievable and we're only a(very reasonable $30+) purchase away from it but in our living room - I'm stuck.  Roller blinds don't come that wide and I'm not sure I'd want them in there if they did...  idea's? Help!

Pictures: Apartment Therapy & Ikea

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