Towel Tags

Making my guests feel welcome - and not get their white fluffy towel mixed up with everyone else's white fluffy towels.  

I've been stitching the names of all of our Easter guests onto fabric tape and then stitching the tags onto towels in a way that after each set of visitors is gone the tags can be removed ready for the next tags to go.  Does this mean i have too much time on my hands? Or that I finally have enough time to do all the little things I think of?!  Let's go with that.

What little project do you wish you had time to work on?

Want to see your name on a Towel Tag?  Come and stay the night!

Don't forget to add your vote for the kitchen colour...


  1. Hey, thats me! So does that mean I get a free towel as a keepsake?

  2. Sadly, no. Just customised towels for the length of your stay.

  3. "...finally enough time to do all the little things I think of" - YAY! These are very cute. Good work :)

  4. Ooo it is like a hotel! People will never want to leave Hotel Cramer! You could buy pretty soaps to go with the towels-that way Adam can take something home with him...or maybe some Easter eggs? Hint hint? :)

  5. oh they do look good! and there is no such thing as too much time on your should enjoy it! for all those things you thought of in the past and didn't have time! have FUN!!! and enjoy the visitors! xxx


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