Do yourself a favour

And buy yourself a packet of these:

They're Tim Tam's crossed with a Mint Slice but with more of the mint cream than a Mint Slice and with minty bits like a Peppermint Aero bar mixed into it.   

Go on!  What are you waiting for?  Go get yourself a packet!  Then do battle with yourself about "needing" to go and get another packet.  And another.  And fourth...  fifth?  They only have 8 in them so a packet every few days is reasonable right?  Right?  Don't argue!  Just  get yourself some!!!  You'll thank me and hate me. 

You're welcome!


  1. yes yes yes...they are soo tasty..have you tried the honeycomb ones??? They are really good too!!! Hope your baby is settling in well. XX

  2. HA i have JUST posted something VERY similer about some m&m products! great minds think alike! hahaha
    i haven't tasted these particular ones but the crunchie ones were YUMMY!!!
    continue to enjoy!

  3. been there...done that! Luke S.

  4. glad to see you're all on the tastiest band wagon!


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