This is Morgan.  He is our puppy.  We love him lots.  We got him yesterday.  He is cute.  He is tiny.  He is black.  Very Very Black (My camera says "subject is too dark").  He is nine weeks old. He misses his mummy and brothers and sisters.  His mum is an American Cocker Spaniel named Bubbles.  His dad is a miniature poodle named Jim.  He cries.  His tail wags lots.  He sleep lots.  He doesn't eat as much as I thought he would.  He doesn't pee and poop as much as I thought he would.  Yet.  We've only had one inside accident.  It was on the vinyl so it's ok.  He likes his stuffed puppy friend.  He likes his cosy towels.  Sometimes he sounds like a squeaky monkey.  He is very soft.  So so soft.  And cuddly.  He likes cuddles.  I think he likes us.  He's ours and we're going to keep him forever.  

The End.

(Because a puppy brings out the 7 year old in me!)


  1. He is way, way, way too cute! So excited for you... brings back memories of when we brought Tess home... small, jumpy, missing mummy and daddy... broke our heart, but they adjust!

  2. oh he is TOOOOO cute! what a wonderful addition to the cramer family! xx

  3. Oh he is just a baby! He is soooo small!! What a cute little thing! hope he is settling in well! x

  4. Rosemary says...
    Great name for such an adorable puppy. Can't wait to meet him and have a cuddle.


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