Repeat Viewing

There are no other movies in the world that I can watch as many times as I can watch these movies and not get sick of them.  Well, maybe there are a few. But I've watched all of these in the past week and would happily sit down and watch them all again.  Right now.  I won't -  I'm just saying I could...  

I can't get enough of the stories - LOVE!  So much happy ending love!  The music - especially The Holiday, now that's a soundtrack I could set my life to.  The funnies - "as opposed to the planet 'Look at me! Look at me'?" & Jack Black.  Enough said.  The tear jerking moments - the Tent Scene anyone?  In the Holiday?  I bawl.  And love it.  The southern drawl... !!!  And I'll very briefly say, in hushed &secretive tones... the men.   Ssshhhh... they're lovely.  Of course the women are delightful too!

Yep - I think I might where these DVD's out.  Which DVD's will you need to replace from 'over' watching?


  1. ah man i wrote a great comment and then it wouldn't post cause i wasn't signed in...booo

    anyway i was just saying i too am a big fan of those movies...but in a more witty way! ha

    enjoy x

  2. I love the first and last movies too... but I don't think I've seen The Holiday. I assume that you would highly recommend it and are ashamed to be called my friend because I haven't actually seen it (shame on me, but then, maybe shame on you for not sharing it with me! JK). As soon as I can convince Vaughn to hire it out, I will... or maybe organise a girls' night with Tamara and some of the other Lovelies here at the sem... thanks for the inspiration! Hope you are well!

  3. Loz - I'm sad I missed the witty version of that! But pleased you like them too!

    Nell - You've GOT to see The Holiday! If you haven't seen it by October I'll bring it with me and I'll watch it with you while you feed your baby or something. And I'll fold all the tiny washing!

    Tell Vaughn that Joel likes it - he really does!

  4. I knew what they'd be before the pic had finished forming - we OWN all three! they are just like chocolate - comfort food! love you MUM

  5. Mumsy! You commented! Hooray for you! I have bought all three in the past 4 weeks. None more than $9! Proud?! They are definitely comfort movies.


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