To the hundreds of people (Mum, Dad, Mara, Shae....!) who read my blog and haven't been able to comment because they don't have their blog - I'm sorry.  Now you can.

So Go!  Re-read everything I've ever written and tell me what you think.  Or don't.  Just know that now that you can I'd like to hear your thoughts!

Since you've never commented before here's what you do:

1.   Click on the word Comment at the bottom of what you just read.
2. Read what ever else is written there.
3.   Type what you want to say in the box.
4.  In the drop down box where it says Comment as click the arrow buttons and chose Anonymous. (You can sign your name in the text box)

5. Click post comment & follow along (you'll be asked to type in some letters for security - that's the crazy mean nerds can't post advertising and things on here)
6. Sit back and wait for me to respond!

There you go.  I look forward to reading you.

UPDATE:  I have taken off the word verification to see if some of you that are having difficulty posting can without it there...

(Thanks to Lozza for asking me how to do this and bringing my attention to the fact that since changing my blog header I hadn't updated this part of my blog.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes Loz!)

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  1. and thankyou for reminding me how to do it! i have been meaning to change it for ages cause a friend asked me a while back about it! xx


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