Remember seeing the picture I showed you of our library?   Well, work has begun.  Truth be told, work begun weeks ago but has come to a standstill while awaiting a crucial decision - what colour?!!

All the shelves have been painted a crisp semi gloss white which dramatically changed the look of the room in itself. But I wanted to do something with the wall behind the shelves.  Something brave & bold.  Something inspiring & calming.  Something colourful but neutral.  Big ask?  Yep.  I looked at browns, greys, yellow toned greens and blue toned greens.  I looked at blue toned blues and grey toned blues and pinks - I know!  I looked at pale colours and was scared by deep colours.  And yesterday I bought home a sample pot of this - 

Equanimity by Dulux.  It's pretty.  It's bold, neutral, calming, inspiring, deep but not too deep and makes me feel brave.  I think it's done its job.  Now to put some on the wall and see if I like it there as much as I like it on the paint chip!!

Bonus Material
(for those who like to hear me rant)

If you have one of our business cards here's something fun for you to try - go and find it!  I mean, take it off your fridge and bring it here.  Recognize that colour?  Hmmm... Similar hey?  Well why didn't you just tell me I love that colour and to stop my stressing and just go and find it in the paint store?!!!!  How is it only realised after I'd made the decision that I'd used the same colour somewhere else?  How is it I can set my life to this colour but not be aware of it til now?  Does mean that I have a fear of other colours?  How will I chose anything ever again?  I have just realised I bought fabric paint yesterday that is THE SAME COLOUR!!!

HELP!!! I have a colour obsession!!!

And what colour is it anyway? Green?  Blue?  What do you think?


  1. Looks blue to me Rach! I've put a cute Mother's day photo on my blog, have some more recent but haven't got them onto computer yet xo

  2. You would not believe it. I keep defaulting to this colour in my graphic design! Drives me nuts! This and mustard, together. Or burnt orange. Sounds gross, I know, but it works - see my Waiting for Godot poster at twine-design! Haha....Funny!

    Love it!

  3. that is so blue...you have a blue fixation from archer street...it is a lovely colour...hope it looks good in the big version x

  4. I love blue.

    I really do.

    do you?

    I know you do Ellie! And I know you, Anna, are sick of it! I personally don't seem to be able to get enough of it!


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