Abbey Medieval Festival

A major highlight of the Queensland leg of my trip was a day spent at the Abbey Medieval Festival. I took a ridiculous amount of photo's because there were so many fascinating people, events and things to look at - I wanted to remember it all. (If you'd like to see some more there's an album full over at Flickr)

High points included:
  • Tasty food!
  • Incredible music
  • Costumes - so many different and wonderful costumes
  • seeing that people were genuinely living there for a few days
  • The dancing
  • The tasty smells (probably vastly different from how things would've really smelt)
  • Time with my family
  • Perfect weather and
  • people expecting to have their picture taken
Low points were mostly limited to:
  • Very slow traffic
  • Stinky portable toilets
  • major, major camera envy (some of the hired pro's had lenses I would've tripped them for)
  • not a big enough belly to taste everything and
  • being too tired to stay longer
I would take any opportunity I had to go along again. I will never dress up though! I'm happy behind the camera thanks.

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