Our Library

We are finally getting somewhere with our house - at last! The first room to be fairly complete - as of today (!!) is the Library. There are still little touches that I want to make like buying a whole lot of books to fill up the massive built in shelves and doing a new painting for above the leather couch. And I'd still like to get a bigger desk one day so Joel has some home office space too BUT for now I am happy with it and can move on to another room. It is very cozy and I really love it how it is. A huge thank you to Adam & Hannah J, my parents in law and my wonderful husband for helping me put 4 coats of paint on the shelves and one on the wall - I would never have done it with out you all!

How did we do? What do you think?


  1. I really love it Rach, I think you did great!!
    I've just posted a couple of the first birthday photos, hasn't she grown? love xoxo

  2. thanks! She is getting big! So cute. Hope you are well.

  3. It looks great in there! What a good job you have done! XO


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