Isabelle Grace

The last week of my trip away was spent in Sydney with my dear friend Anna, her husband Luke and their 2 month old daughter - Isabelle. You might remember that I took some photos of Anna during her pregnancy... well now I've take a few pictures of the result - a stunningly gorgeous little girl. She is just adorable- so smiley and relaxed and with a beautiful dimple to boot!

Unfortunately I enjoyed their company so much that I only really thought to take pictures on the rainiest, darkest day so I have very few good pictures... :( BUT her mummy has taken some lovely ones as have the rest of her doting family which means there will be no shortage of images capturing this precious little one.

It was such an honour and a blessing to see these wonderful friends thriving in their new role. Just lovely to see how they work as a team, how they love on Izzy and how she looks for them when she hears their voices. Thank you for welcoming me (and Joel) into your home and lives. We had an awesome time and miss you lots.

P.S. The 'I' & heart were a gift from me, made by... me! Nothing like a bit of soft baby sculpture.


  1. oh she is just o beautiful you can't take your eyes off of her to get the camera out! :) cute letters!

  2. Nice work Rach! I love the pillows and how perfectly her outfits matched them!!! Anisia


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